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on Sep 26 2009 : 10:34  Posted by HaB  Category: Server News   Comments: 1
Thank you to everyone who voiced their opinion and thank you for playing ET here at the Chickenbucket.

The question and answer choices for the poll did cause some early confusion which did lead to some people voting YES when they should have been voting NO.

No was the option to kill the server off due to limited/negligible player connections and based on comments alone this should put the No result clearly 5 to 8 points ahead of Yes.

So this means that the server will be closed down soon.

But we are looking at all new gaming options and if enough people get behind a game they want to play a new server will rise from the ashes.

The forum will remain for everyone to keep in touch
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Poll Results Firehawk Oct 10 2009 : 17:01 Reply to this
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Registered: Oct 14 2004 : 20:58
//tear in my eye

Great bunch of people and the place I chose to retire to. Will miss the ET Server.


[ edited Oct 10 2009 : 17:01 ]
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