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ET Server Closing

on Apr 14 2013 : 11:08  Posted by soonteck  Category: Server News   Comments: 1
The server will be closing in the next few days, and I wanted to thank everyone who stopped by the server. While I can't say that there wasn't some disappointment with the turnout, the fact that we did have Bucketeers show up was appreciated by the people that put this together.

It was great to see some old names and to play a game that we all enjoyed.

The server may be shutting down, but the community isn't dead, so please don't hesitate to post on the messageboard and to join the Chicken Bucket Steam Group to catch up with and see what games everyone else has been playing.

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ET Server Closing Rashan Apr 14 2013 : 11:57 Reply to this
Comments: 121

Thanks for all the hard work of putting the server back together, Drake and Soonteck! I wish I could have stopped by more often, but it was great when I managed!

Location: Ridgefield, CT

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