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What are you doing now??????

on Apr 06 2014 : 11:56  Posted by HaB  Category: Misc   Comments: 10
So a lot of people have moved on to other things since the Buckets server going offline. Some even still play online together and have kept the gaming friendships going.

I tried BF4 and lasted all of 45 minutes of online game play before I uninstalled in disgust.. Sorry Drake and Soonie but I just could not play that drivel...

World of Tanks and War Thunder have held my interest for some time but the gaming became stale and boring and the usual crowd of griefers and punks just ruin the game with running the mouths and being on Roads lawn...

So I find myself wondering what is new, what is going to be the next biggest thing... for me there are two possible bright spots coming and I backed them through kickstarter... they have online elements and multiplayer but they are both Space sims... games I would lock myself away and spend hours playing in my youth....

Elite Dangerous (coming this year hopefully) link

Star Citizen (2015 to 2016 if it ever gets made) link

So what games are coming that are exciting you?
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What are you doing now?????? soonteck Apr 12 2014 : 13:18 Reply to this
Comments: 45

Not much multiplayer other than BF4, and that wears really thin at times.

I don't think that I've seen a game that has great multi-player recently, unfortunately. I tried the Titanfall beta, and it was 'ok'. Small map populations, so it's tough to build a community around that.

Honestly, I think the next high profile game that allows modders to work on the game will allow things to thrive like they did once in ET. Too many high profile games have content that is only allowed by the developer, and while that's fine sometimes, it doesn't allow the games to continue to expand or grow once they drop support for the inevitable sequel a year later.

Anywho, you should have been on Teamspeak with Drake and I when you tried BF4 would have helped (slightly ).

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

What are you doing now?????? Rashan Apr 13 2014 : 12:01 Reply to this
Comments: 121

little of this, little of that... Got lost in Skyrim for a while... Company of Heroes2 with Ze Blob and Teffy, mostly. Occasionally we do some Left4Dead2, or something else.

Maybe we should try to put together a Planetside group or something. I've heard good things about that one, but haven't played it.

Location: Ridgefield, CT

What are you doing now?????? Usagi Apr 18 2014 : 12:24 Reply to this
Comments: 164

Registered: Jul 08 2004 : 18:27
I tried BF3 for a little but I really couldn't get into it. I'll play L4D2 and Team Fortress once in a while. Other than that, I just rotate through Skyrim, Fallout3, and Fallout NV.

I'd really like to find a good multiplayer game that I could get into like ET.
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Location: Philadelphia, PA
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What are you doing now?????? MamaFC Apr 19 2014 : 22:29 Reply to this
Comments: 75

I'm still playing ET over at

Most of the admins you may have played with are gone on to other games so it's a somewhat friendlier server now. Some of the admins can be assholes, but not nearly like it was. Come baaaaack and play ET !!! I am a admin there now and make the rotations. Come baaaaaack to ET :D

Location: State of Bliss

What are you doing now?????? X-President Apr 20 2014 : 10:56 Reply to this
Comments: 105

Registered: Feb 21 2005 : 11:20
DOTA 2 mostly for online gaming. Dark Souls 2 when it gets released next week for pc. No fps lately. Just haven't found anything that has kept my attention.
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What are you doing now?????? Croc Apr 29 2014 : 09:21 Reply to this
Comments: 30

Registered: Oct 05 2004 : 08:27
Rarely any time for gaming these days, two teen girls keeping me rolling. I did, and do, play at OF (with FC and some other recognizable friendlies) from time to time.

Really do relish the "good ole' days"...
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Closet link fan

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What are you doing now?????? CanuckAlert Apr 30 2014 : 00:00 Reply to this
Comments: 104

Registered: Jul 12 2004 : 11:01
I hardly even have time to get on a PC anymore. I bought a Camaro and that keeps me busy.
[ I have nothing better to do ]

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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What are you doing now?????? thedrake Jun 16 2014 : 20:30 Reply to this
Comments: 194

Ditto what soony said on Bf4.

still playing the crap out of borderlands 2....nearly 500 hours LOL.

Got absorbed by Skyrim.

Also jumped into the Interstellar is "developing"...not done, not released, the rate they are going, probably in about 3 years it will be done.....never, never, never again will i put money down on something that isn't shrink wrapped finished.....(no comment on bf4).....just not into kick starter, or steam "buy before game is done and get the game when it releases" BS.... You know, I"m reminded of my history with pre-orders....just a far sight easier to do with online crap.

still have a crap ton of games sitting here, St. Row 4, Dogs, Theif, Juarez, checkers....muhahaha.

Location: Toledo, Ohio

What are you doing now?????? HaB Jun 29 2014 : 18:09 Reply to this
Comments: 87

Yeah I got Skyrim in the summer Steam sale.. just seems like Legend of Zelda without all the cheesy Nintendo-ness

Location: The Dog House
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What are you doing now?????? thedrake Jul 22 2014 : 20:16 Reply to this
Comments: 194

oh....and I heart me......!drake, erm !road

Location: Toledo, Ohio

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