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Sorry about that !!!

on Feb 17 2018 : 15:03  Posted by HaB  Category: Site News   Comments: 2
I had not realized that the disk quota for the site (not that it is used much) had been exceeded so no one could post, delete or update anything other than the shoutbox.

You'd be surprised that the hosting company NEVER notified me (my job really)

Or that the 25,000+ spam emails for Rolex's, Viagra and other things that Drake was pushing via email that also included the email delivery failures from Soonie and Drake for the Bucket Revival (no wonder nobody was there) was jamming up the Site's inbox.. but I must say it stopped getting emails in 2013 !!!!

All because the Error_log file was at 8.85GB

My bad...

So how is everyone... everyone that can read this of course..

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Sorry about that !!! soonteck Apr 11 2018 : 17:26 Reply to this
Comments: 45

/vsay oops?

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Sorry about that !!! Usagi May 23 2018 : 15:59 Reply to this
Comments: 164

Registered: Jul 08 2004 : 18:27
As usual, I blame Drake.
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