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Marine Corps Skins

on May 27 2007 : 12:05  Posted by HaB  Category: Server News   Comments: 2
For Memorial Day (and for some time there after) I have added this WWII Marine Corps Skin to the server for those who want to use it.

It's not compulsory but you can get the file here
Just place it in your ETMAIN folder and away you go
It also works in conjunction with the Chicken Nades.

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Marine Corps Skins Rashan May 27 2007 : 14:08 Reply to this
Comments: 121

Why is HaB bent on destroying the mainpage layout with inline photos too big for the page?!?!

Geez, we should get someone to fix that layout issue... but... who? If only we knew someone who could do that...

skin pack looks cool. I'm on it, yo.

Location: Ridgefield, CT

Marine Corps Skins loemrntdherid1 May 23 2015 : 03:45 Reply to this

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