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New Site Feature: Movie DB

on Jul 08 2007 : 16:40  Posted by Rashan  Category: Site News   Comments: 3
I'd like to introduce a new feature to the website. Based on the popularity of the Movie Thread in the forums, Ze Blob has created a new Movie Section for the site! (accessable via the "Site Information" dropdown menu as well)

The new feature allows bucket members to add new movies, (filling in the pertinant information). Other members can then comment and rate the movies, search by year/genre/title, etc...

We've also added a "recent movies" menu over on the right there --->

Thanks to Ze Blob for his hard work, and to the server admins who got a sneak peak at the plugin to help work out the bugs.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or find any bugs, please don't hessitate to let myself or Ze Blob know!

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New Site Feature: Movie DB X-President Jul 09 2007 : 22:50 Reply to this
Comments: 105

Registered: Feb 21 2005 : 11:20
Well I got it rollin. I added about 4 pages.
[ STOP ME! I'm outta control! ]

New Site Feature: Movie DB leire Mar 20 2013 : 00:42 Reply to this

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New Site Feature: Movie DB loemrntdherid1 May 23 2015 : 03:43 Reply to this

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