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Anyone fancy going down the PUB ???

on Dec 07 2007 : 20:46  Posted by HaB  Category: Server News   Comments: 5
Ok so this weekend we will hopefully take a little trip on another mod just to see how the other side feels.

This will be ETPUB.

Not sure if it will be Saturday or Sunday before we do it but we'd like to give it a try and see what you guys think.

Things like throwing knives, playdead, drag corpses etc will be on there so we'll see how it works and please start a thread in the forum and let us know what you think, fears/conerns etc.

I know this is not going to please everyone but if you give it a try as most people play here for the people and not the mod thats running.

Please download this link if you have a problem and place it in a directory inside ETMAIN called ETPUB
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Anyone fancy going down the PUB ??? HaB Dec 23 2007 : 22:38 Reply to this
Comments: 87

This was posted (and has been edited for foul language)

Hello CB folks,

I did exactly the same this past week on my server - changed it to ETPub to see how it felt and, of course, to have the option to add bots to attract people. Results: changed it back to ETPro less than 2 days after.

ETPub is (unfortunately) too bugged, there's a lot of config limitations (although a few improvements too), and the overall feeling is just strange. Just a few examples:

I really missed ETPro's ability to round cvars to values within defined ranges, while on ETPub your only option is to set ranges via pb_sv_cvar, which immediately kicks players out of range;

the forcecvar command is more limited and sometimes simply won't work;

you can't set pmove_msec to 3 (minimum is 8 );

I couldn't get some ref commands to work (like /ref surrender);

unable to run LUA scripts;

it breaks if you use sv_fps = 30, causing players to no longer respawn. I've always used sv_fps = 30 with no problems whatsoever, even though mrs-know-it-all bani and reyalip advocate against it, while in my experience it smooths out gameplay, actually reduces pings and improves "bullet-lag" for high pinging players;

moving and jumping felt just too strange, no matter how much I fiddled with the config;

lots of problems with ETAdmin, some of which were reasonably easy to fix by modifying ETAdmin's code in, and some that would require much more work than I was willing to do;

and the last nail in the coffin which made me stop the server immediately and return it to ETPro: sniping with the garand just won't hit the targets.

I decided to try ETPub for the bot support, which does help populate the server with real people. I didn't choose Jaymod or NoQuarter because, besides ETPro, ETPub is the mod which is closer to the original game, and I'm just too much of a purist to transform ET into some console-style (bad word). I did add a few things to my server, like spree records and sounds, but everything within reasonable limits. It's just sad that bani and the other ETPro mantainers refuse to add bot support for ETPro. I don't buy the "competition mod" (bad word)- it's a great mod for pubs too, as it fixes a lot of stuff in ET and adds countless useful features, without making the game lose its original spirit. With their attitude, ETPro mantainers are simply sentencing ETPro to a slow and painful death (just look at servers' stats for the various mods).

My bet is, even though you'll probably succeed in attracting some more players if you put bots on, you'll be moving back to ETPro in no time . I just took the time to write all this because the CB server is like an "ET institution" and maybe my experience might be of some use to you guys ( even though I'm a vegetarian and hate the server's name).

By the way, if you are going to mess with Omni-bot, one tip: even though ETPub is able to initialize the Omni-bot engine without changes to the server's command line, if the server is hosted at GameServers, you'll have to place a support ticket, as the omni-bot directory needs to be mounted under Linux or the engine won't start. It works though if you place the omni-bot directory contents (file and subdirectories) inside etmain. Just make sure to avoid GS staff's dumbest member Brent Peden - the guy wanted me to install Windows .dll libraries on the Linux server...

Finally, good luck with your experience, and come visit me sometime (server info at link ).


Location: The Dog House
Lets do this in realtime.....

Cars, Boats... Bigger cars... Bowls of water... why not?

Anyone fancy going down the PUB ??? soonteck Dec 25 2007 : 11:27 Reply to this
Comments: 45

Who said anything about bots?

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Anyone fancy going down the PUB ??? leire Mar 20 2013 : 00:38 Reply to this

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Anyone fancy going down the PUB ??? hresdss123 Dec 10 2014 : 02:40 Reply to this

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Anyone fancy going down the PUB ??? loemrntdherid1 May 23 2015 : 03:45 Reply to this

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