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Category: ET Utilities [Useful programs for ET] (7)

Category: ET Utilities (7)
Useful programs for ET
Rating Referrals
  ETManager The ETManager is a Cross-Platform Java program originally written for the Chicken Bucket Enemy Territory server that automatically checks the server rotation and downloads any maps that might be needed, as well as many other useful features.
 9.8 - 5 votes - 72
  XFire Xfire is a freeware instant messaging service targeted at gamers, that also serves as a game server browser and has various other features.
 6.5 - 2 votes - 26
HLSW - Half Life Server Watch Another server browser that works with ET, and many other games. Not as many features as All Seeing Eye, but still a good option.
 9.0 - 2 votes - 26
  XQF Game Server Browser XQF is a game server browser and launcher for Unix/X11 for many popular games such as the Quake series, Unreal Tournament series, Half-Life etc. (Yes, including ET)
not rated - 24
  ETMin;17308 Minimizing program for ET on Windows-based machines.
 10.0 - 3 votes - 484
  ETSwitch ET minimizer for Linux.
not rated - 53
  Radiant Level Design Tools Home to the GtKRadiant map making tools for ET. This should be the first stop for any budding map makers.
not rated - 16

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