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Category: ET Map Design & Resources [All things maps.] (7)

Category: ET Map Design & Resources (7)
All things maps.
Rating Referrals
  Splash Damage Editing Wiki Official editing documentation for Splash Damage titles.
not rated - 309
  Splash Damage official ET Level Design Forum Level design (map making) forum hosted by the game designers.
not rated - 126
  ET Mappers Bible A great thread on Splash Damage forum listing the essential do's and don'ts for mapping.
not rated - 31
  Wolfenstein ET: Level Designers Reference This document is a basic primer for creating maps for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. It assumes that you have downloaded and installed the editing tools correctly and know how to use the GtkRadiant editor.
not rated - 257
  EasyGen Description: For RTCW/ET map makers it is a great tool to make your terrain. Works a lot better than GtkGenSurf.
not rated - 229
  Map Craft Mapping tutorial site.
not rated - 23
  Spyjuice More map making tutorials.
not rated - 22

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