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On This Day... 6 July 2020

German forces land in the Channel Islands*

German forces land in the Channel Islands, the only part of the British Isles that they will occupy. Donitz visits Brittany to view the U-boat bases which he believes will hugely increase the potential of his U-boat fleet. Now freed from having to make passage north of the British Isles to reach the Atlantic, the U-boats will surely be able to impose his will upon the all-important shipping lanes to and from the USA. With occupation of Norwegian, Danish, Belgian, Dutch, and French ports, the Kriegsmarine is in a position to control the seas of northern Europe in which Great Britain now seems ever more isolated. Indeed, a surge of success has been seen in June, with Allied shipping of more than 350,000 tons being lost to the U-boats.
[German troops march through Guernsey] [Germans occupying Guernsey]

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