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On This Day... 6 June 2020

Operation Torch sees the Allies land in French North Africa*

Operation Torch sees the Allies land in French North Africa. The Western Task Force, commanded by General Patton, is comprised of 35,000 troops and is supported by naval forces of two battleships, one fleet carrier, four escort carriers and numerous cruisers and destroyers. The Central Task Force, commanded by General Fredendall is comprised of 39,000 American troops with naval support of two escort carriers and many smaller ships.The Eastern Task Force, contains 52 warships and 33,000 soldiers. The British contingent, 87th Division is supported by three battleships, three fleet carriers and a strong force of cruisers and destroyers. The Western Task force lands at Casablanca. The Central is to land in and around Oran and the Eastern Task force lands in Algiers. The Eastern force at Algiers makes good early progress and quickly captures the town. The Central Force loses two destroyers but eventually takes the airfield. The Western Task force at Casablanca runs into the greatest opposition. In total there are 1800 casualties.
[Troops landing during Operation Torch] [and troops on the beach]

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