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On This Day... 30 September 2020

Warspite hit by guided missiles*

The HMS Warspite is attacked by a squadron of German aircraft armed with an early guided missile, the Fritz X (FX-1400). The Fritz-X was steered by an operator in the launching aircraft. The steering signals were communicated over a radio link between the aircraft and the weapon. The crewman who guided the bomb had to be able to see the target at all times, and the bomb had a flare in the tail so it could be seen from the controlling aircraft. Casualties were minor; 9 killed and 14 wounded, but 3 hits caused serious damage and she was towed by United States Navy tugs and reached Malta 3 days later for emergency repairs before being towed to Gibraltar. Warspite then moved back to the UK and underwent further repairs and she took part in the Normandy Landings as part of the Eastern Task Force.
[The Fritz X was one of the first guided missiles]

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