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On This Day... 20 January 2022

Soviet success on Eastern Front*

On the Eastern Front the Soviet 2nd Belorussian Front begins attacks on German Army Group North in heavy snow conditions. The immediate success achieved in the fighting results in the cancellation of planned supporting artillery fire. To the south, Soviet 1st Belorussian Front (Zhukov) opposite Warsaw and to the south launches an offensive from the Pulawy and Magnuszew bridgeheads. The latter bridgehead is only 15 miles wide and 7 miles deep but contains some 400,000 troops and 1700 AFVs. Poor weather results in limited air support. The attack begins with a short artillery bombardment that targets the German 56th Panzer and 8th Corps of 9th Army, part of Army Group Center (Harpe). Success is immediate and both corps are scattered. Meanwhile, forces of 1st Ukrainian Front cut the rail line to Krakow south of Kielce. Farther south in Hungary the Soviets resist German attempts to relieve Budapest and in eastern Czechoslovakia, they take Lucenec.
[A German Nashorn (rhinoceros) tank destroyer in Poland]

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