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On This Day... 20 January 2022

Philipine Advances*

On Luzon, Philippines the US 14th Corps continues to advance south from the beachhead and has now crossed the Agno River. The US 1st Corps is attacking north and east but fails to reach its objective of Rosario. The first Japanese attacks on the Philippines had been only 10 hours after the attack on Pearl Harbor, HI and Japanese occupation did not end until the official Japanese surrender. There was large-scale guerrilla activity in the Philippines, as most of the Philippine army continued in that form and were considered to be an auxiliary unit of the United States Army. On Luzon alone there were 30,000 members of the resistance. Their effectiveness was such that by the end of the war Japan controlled only twelve of the forty-eight provinces.
[Japanese flamethrower attacking an American bunker on Luzon]

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