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Re: Tech Support
Yeah. Checking connections was the first[more ...]
Posted by Usagi
Jun 18 2015 : 11:45

Re: Tech Support
Did you double check all psu connection [more ...]
Posted by X-President
Jun 17 2015 : 10:52

Tech Support
I'm trying to upgrade my video card. I h[more ...]
Posted by Usagi
Jun 16 2015 : 20:23

Re: Shopperz - Removal Help
Thanks, but I already got it. I went in[more ...]
Posted by X-President
Apr 08 2015 : 09:32

Re: Shopperz - Removal Help
Try: http:// 248-how-[more ...]
Posted by thedrake
Apr 08 2015 : 08:50

Shopperz - Removal Help
I got hit with the shopperz virus. Was w[more ...]
Posted by X-President
Mar 30 2015 : 09:31

Re: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!
Yeah Borderlands. Boo slow leveling. Y[more ...]
Posted by thedrake
Mar 27 2015 : 21:11

Re: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!
I finished up the main story and sides o[more ...]
Posted by X-President
Mar 27 2015 : 10:04

Re: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!
The 4th dlc is going to be released on t[more ...]
Posted by X-President
Mar 18 2015 : 09:40

Re: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!
I played through on the new dlc characte[more ...]
Posted by X-President
Jan 31 2015 : 01:56

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With the ET game server starting up for about a 3-month run...are you going to play?

Hell Yes....Drake will multi-the-crap out of way I'm going to miss that....and you all suck donkey, so take that




Hell No....Drake will multi-the-crap out of way no how am I going to endure that....and you all suck donkey, so take that

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Rommel begins an attack in North Africa with his armored units, sending them through British minefields between Alam Nayil and Qaret el Himeimat. The defenses are better than expected and progress is slow. Although Rommel has been reinforced with the German 164th Division and some paratroop brigades, he is still short of supplies and has committed this attack on the promise of supplies to come.
[Rommel with troops in Africa]
An air battle between 44 USAAF P-38s and 75 Luftwaffe fighters commences above Italy. The the P-38s were escorting a large formation of B-26s on their way to bomb marshalling yards at Aversa. The Americans lose 13 aircraft and shoot down 9 Axis aircraft, thus allowing the B-26s to make an unmolested bombing run to their target, where they cause extreme damage without loss.
[B-26 squadron]

What are you doing now??????

on Apr 06 2014 : 11:56  Posted by HaB  Category: Misc   Comments: 11
So a lot of people have moved on to other things since the Buckets server going offline. Some even still play online together and have kept the gaming friendships going.

I tried BF4 and lasted all of 45 minutes of online game play before I uninstalled in disgust.. Sorry Drake and Soonie but I just could not play that drivel...

World of Tanks and War Thunder have held my interest for some time but the gaming became stale and boring and the usual crowd of griefers and punks just ruin the game with running the mouths and being on Roads lawn...

So I find myself wondering what is new, what is going to be the next biggest thing... for me there are two possible bright spots coming and I backed them through kickstarter... they have online elements and multiplayer but they are both Space sims... games I would lock myself away and spend hours playing in my youth....

Elite Dangerous (coming this year hopefully) link

Star Citizen (2015 to 2016 if it ever gets made) link

So what games are coming that are exciting you?
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ET Server Closing

on Apr 14 2013 : 11:08  Posted by soonteck  Category: Server News   Comments: 3
The server will be closing in the next few days, and I wanted to thank everyone who stopped by the server. While I can't say that there wasn't some disappointment with the turnout, the fact that we did have Bucketeers show up was appreciated by the people that put this together.

It was great to see some old names and to play a game that we all enjoyed.

The server may be shutting down, but the community isn't dead, so please don't hesitate to post on the messageboard and to join the Chicken Bucket Steam Group to catch up with and see what games everyone else has been playing.

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The Chicken Bucket Enemy Territory Server Revival!

on Jan 20 2013 : 17:07  Posted by soonteck  Category: Server News   Comments: 3


The Chicken Bucket ET Server Revival!


Please join us starting on Saturday, January 26th on the new Chicken Bucket Enemy Territory server! If you do not have ET installed, please check this forum post for instructions. The server will be running the ETPub mod.

The server will be running the following maps, and you can save the links below to add the pk3 files to your etmain folder ahead of time.

1. Siwa Oasis 2. Chateau Voilegarde 3. ET Ice 4. MLB Temple 5. Goldrush 6. Pier 16 7. Caen 2 8. Resurrection 9. Fuel Dump 10. Chicken Bucket


NEW INFORMATION -> We are prepping new map rotations. Below is a collection of 4 zip files containing all of the maps we have put into the mix. Note Pack1 represents the maps that have been on the server for the last few weeks (for the most part).
IMPORTANT: These are really .ZIP files. Either "save as" on the download to .zip, or rename after you download. Open it up and copy all of the contents (mapname.pk3 files) to your "etmain" folder. Questions, shoot Drake or Soony a Bucket PM.
1. Pack1 2. Pack2 3. Pack3 4. Pack4


Remember, this is for a limited time only, so please stop by and have some fun!

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RTCW and W:ET source code GPL'd

on Aug 14 2010 : 09:20  Posted by Rashan  Category: Misc   Comments: 2
As part of their QuakeCon announcements, iD has released the source code for RTCW and W:ET under the GPL. Full news story here.

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Pre-orders, Run away Toyota's and now this....

on Mar 08 2010 : 16:50  Posted by HaB  Category: Misc   Comments: 8
Drake's purchasing prowess is now legendary.

So ... was he one of the 'Special' people to have ordered an Intel i7 920 CPU and gotten a box with a fake inside it from Newegg... history is on his side..... Drake... please comment for the masses (I mean the 3 or 4 people who notice this)

The fan looked like it was made from Cheese

You be the judge....full article linked below

Full Article
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