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With the ET game server starting up for about a 3-month run...are you going to play?

Hell Yes....Drake will multi-the-crap out of way I'm going to miss that....and you all suck donkey, so take that




Hell No....Drake will multi-the-crap out of way no how am I going to endure that....and you all suck donkey, so take that

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One birthday today, congrats!

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Less than 1 month after the start of the war, the German government issues a statement claiming that all organized fighting in Poland has ended. It states "The Polish Army of a million men has been defeated, captured, or routed. No single Polish active or reserve division escaped this fate. Only fractions of individual groups were able to avoid immediate destruction by fleeing into the swamps of eastern Poland. They succumbed there to Soviet troops. Of the entire Polish army only an insignificant remainder still is fighting at hopeless positions in Warsaw, in Modlin and on the Hela Peninsula.".
[Polish troops surrendering to Germans]
In the Yap Islands, part of the US 81st Division occupies Ulithi Atoll after naval reconnaissance suggests it is not in use by the Japanese. Work begins on converting the atoll into a major American naval base.
[Ulithi naval base] [Sorlen Island, Ulithi]

ETManager 2.2.4 released

on Mar 25 2007 : 21:01  Posted by Rashan  Category: Misc   Comments: 3
In case you missed it in the forums, ZeBlob has released version 2.2.4 of the ETManager. From the horse's mouth:

ZeBlob wrote ...

Finally an update with new features in it. From now on you'll be able to check who's on Team Speak from within ETM. You'll also be able to look for your demos in the Pk3 Explorer and then launch them with the Quick-Launch dialog. Note that you don't have to worry about which mod to open since it takes care of that for you.

There's also a bunch of bug that have been squashed here and there to make your ETM experience pleasant.


Current users should be able to update from the Update tab, new users can grab the latest version from the ETManager Website.

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