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With the ET game server starting up for about a 3-month run...are you going to play?

Hell Yes....Drake will multi-the-crap out of way I'm going to miss that....and you all suck donkey, so take that




Hell No....Drake will multi-the-crap out of way no how am I going to endure that....and you all suck donkey, so take that

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USS Swordfish becomes 1st US sub to sink a Japanese ship - one of three torpedoes hit the cargo ship Atsutasan Maru erupted in a cloud of smoke and flames one week after the war started for the Swordfish. On the same day German submarine U-127 is sunk west of Gibraltar by depth charges from the Australian destroyer HMAS Nestor: all hands (51) lost. U-127 had only been on its first patrol (only 45 days at sea) and had damaged no ships during its tour.
[USS Swordfish]
On the island of Mindoro (about 75 miles from Manila), American forces land at San Augustin. The force consists of part of US 24th Division and a parachute regiment. There is almost no resistance and American troops advance up to 8 miles inland. Naval support includes 3 battleships and 6 escort carriers. One carrier and two destroyers are damaged by Kamikaze attacks. Meanwhile, TF38 continues air strikes on airfields on Luzon.
[Rocket barage from landing craft on Mindoro]

Jaymod Arrives

on May 15 2008 : 23:18  Posted by soonteck  Category: Server News   Comments: 6
Just for a change of pace, we are going to run Jaymod on trial basis on the server. Somewhere between ETPub, Shrub, and ETPro, it has many features that add some fun to the game.

You can read more about it on the Jaymod website, where you can also find a download link.

This should be up and running On Friday, May 16th (hopefully )

Please let us know about any problems, and any and all feedback is welcome.

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