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With the ET game server starting up for about a 3-month run...are you going to play?

Hell Yes....Drake will multi-the-crap out of way I'm going to miss that....and you all suck donkey, so take that




Hell No....Drake will multi-the-crap out of way no how am I going to endure that....and you all suck donkey, so take that

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On the Western Front... Elements of the US 8th Corps (Middleton), part of US 3rd Army, engage German defenders in Rennes while other elements by-pass the city. To the left, advancing forces of US 1st Army capture Mortain.
[Allies in damaged streets of Mortain]
An American communique announces that US B-29 Superfortress bombers dropping mines over Japan have now sealed off all of the main ports, leaving the country totally blockaded. In a report by the US 20th Air Force, it is noted that every harbor of consequence in Japan and all those in Korea have been mined and it is estimated that hundreds of thousands of tons of shipping have been sunk or damaged since the mining program began in March.
[Areas mined around Japan]

Server Status Menus Broken

on May 27 2008 : 21:24  Posted by Rashan  Category: Site News   Comments: 3

Everything should be back in working order. Please let me know if you have any problems.

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