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Map Descriptions

Chickenbucket Rotation - Brief Map Descriptions

This guide lists maps that are either in the current rotation, or ones that may soon reappear. The number in the "R.M" field represents the rotation and map (e.g. 2.10 = Rotation 2, Map 10).
Current Rotation
R.MMap NameAttackerObjectiveMap
1.72TanksBothEach team must escort their tank through two obstacles and get tank to the depot between the starting spawns to win
3.6AxislabAlliesAllies must break into hill, steal nuke from basement, transport to top in elevator, load onto truck, and escort truck to original Allied spawn
3.2BaseraceBothEach team must collect construction materials from the opposite side of the map and bring to their base area to add components to their base; markers on ground within the base determine which component is built
2.2CaenAxisAxis must steal documents from building next to Allied spawn and take to boat - tank will destroy wall to document building, or Axis can enter through back door with a disguised covert
1.9Chicken Bucket v2BothControl the jukebox to win - push button on front of jukebox to take control
2.5De Dusted 2AlliesAllies must destroy rocket launcher and ammo truck on opposite side of map
2.6ET IceAxisAxis must get objective (at Allied CP) and deliver to radio room (K8)
3.7FrostbiteAxisAxis must steal documents from tower near Allied CP and bring to outside building behind Axis spawns
2.1FueldumpAlliesAllies must blow up fuel depot - Escorting tank to depot will open gate to depot, or a disguised covert can enter through door
3.1GoldrushAlliesAllies must escort tank to bank, steal gold, and escort truck to exit
3.8GreenleeAlliesAllies must get through fortress (there is a side entrance) and blow up fuel pump
3.4Haunted MansionAllies
1.2templeAlliesAllies must escort tank to temple, steal gold, and bring it back to tank
2.10MML ChurchAxisAxis must get into church, take objective from organ room, and deliver to spawn
1.4NorthpoleAxisAxis must steal objective from factory and bring to Santa's sled
1.1OasisAlliesAllies must blow up wall and destroy 2 AT guns in Axis compound
1.8Paris BastilleAxisAxis must blow up two pillars (red and yellow) underground
2.7Password 2AlliesAllies must find password (C2), enter password into computer (D3), steal objective and escort to truck
3.10RaidersAlliesAllies must take the staff to the temple, steal the idol, take idol to the truck, escort truck to the sub, and load crate onto truck (with switch above sub pen)
1.10ResurrectionAlliesAllies must break into castle, steal book from crypt, get the book to the raft, and escort raft to exit
2.8ROP River 4AlliesAllies must escort tank through multiple levels of defenses at an axis base to steal the documents hidden in an upper floor room and run them back to the command post to win. axis can poison the river with the poison pump.
3.9Secret BayAlliesAllies must steal 2 gold crates from basement of fortress and deliver to original spawn (furthest submarine)
2.9Snatch 3AlliesAllies must steal radar parts and transport off of map using truck
1.5StalingradAlliesAllies must blow up 2 tanks on Axis side of city
2.4Supply Depot
3.3Tc BaseAlliesAllies must blow up 2 radar structures on Axis side of map
3.5V1 Rocket BaseAlliesAllies must escort tank into depot yard (so V1 automatically goes to launcher) and hand-deliver a fuel can to launcher
1.6V2 FactoryAlliesAllies must blow up 3 production processes before Axis build missle; otherwise Axis must escort missle off of map using train
1.3WarbellAxisTake book to altar room, fix the bell, ring the bell, make 3 sacrifices
Other Maps
110 FactoryAlliesAllies must break into factory and get radar parts to halftrack outside.
2_tanks_171BothEach team has a tank to escort to depot
Airfield AssaultAlliesAllies must blow up 2 trucks behind the Axis fortress.
Alpine Assault FinalAlliesmust open safe with key and take documents back to truck.
BerserkAxisAxis must steal the documents from the Allied fortress and bring to truck at original spawn
Beta Yo (Jaden)AlliesAllies must steal the documents from Axis building and take it to the truck at original spawn
BaseraceBothBoth sides must collect construction materials from opposite side's spawn and bring to their own spawn to build their base. Individual building sites are distinctive and significant in what is built
Beach InvasionAlliesAllies must get documents from basement and bring them to radio upstairs (next to Axis spawn)
Beer RunAlliesAlles must get 2 kegs of beer to truck - door to truck will open when door controls are destroyed.
ByzantineBothDual objective. Axis and Allied forces must locate and steal two objectives and return them to their getaway trucks
Caha TavernAxisAxis must steal documents from roof of tavern and deliver to hole in wall in basement.
Castle AttackAlliesAllies must escort the tank which blows up the memorial and opens the doors to the objectives. Then capture radio parts and documents and return to radio building near Allied start. Tank is necessary.
Castellum_finalAlliesAllies must break into castle, steal gold, and escort gold to raft at Allied spawn
Decoder Beta 4AlliesAllies must find the correct decoder lab (1 of 3) and blow up lab
de_dusted2B1AlliesAllies must destroy Axis artillery and rocket launcher
Den of Lions
DubrovnikAlliesAllies must take card key to generator behind Axis spawn, take gold from church, and deliver to dock.
Eagles 2 WaysAlliesAllies must get fuel to bus, escort bus to airplane, and blow up hangar door to steal plane
Elevated TransportAlliesAllies must blow up Center Complex wall, and then Refinery wall before they can blow up the Fuel Pump
ET DepotAlliesAllies must escort truck to depot load gold onto truck and escort truck to exit
ET VillageAlliesAllies must take gold from crypt and escort to truck at initial spawn
Fueldump SW (summer)AlliesAllies must blow up fuel depot. Tank is indestructable until it's final position.
Golden DunkBothTake gold from middle of map and jump through opposing basket to score points.
Great PyramidBoth Dual objective – both sides are trying to get 2 sets of radar parts from opposing side (near spawn), bring to room near their initial spawn to open the gold crate - Gold must be taken to room near opposing spawn to win
Heart of GoldAlliesAllies must excort truck to exit and pick up gold on the way
IndustryAxis Escort tank through industrial complex blow open a building blow up safe steal documents and transmit via radio that must be built.
LeningradAlliesEscort the tank through to the final point and blow the main entrance, steal the documents and get them back to the radio room in the square outside the main entrance
Loffy's TramAlliesAllies must make their way to the middle tram level and take the gold from the bank to the truck waiting on the top tram level
Low Tram
(aka Tram Seige 2)
AlliesAllies have to get documents from locked room in middle tram structure and take to radio room in top tram structure - 2 command posts make significant difference in recharge time
Marrakech Streets 2AlliesEscort the tank to the main door, then dynamite the the lab entrance and take the parts back to the truck outside the city
Mitchell Down
MLB EgyptAxisAxis must escort boat to temple steal gold and bring it to their original spawn
MLB DaybreakAxisAxis must escort tank through two walls and a barrier, break into 2 bunkers, load custom dyno on bomb near rocket, and detonate bomb
Mont St MichelAlliesAllies must steal the documents from the fortress and get them to the boat dock at top of map
MP AssaultAxisCapture the forward spawn and blow the hatch, either above ground or under ground make your way to the radar tower and dynamite the power supply to win
ParisBastille (Beta 3)AxisAxis must blow up yellow and red pillars behind Allied spawn
Password 2AlliesAllies must find password enter password into computer steal ? and escort to truck
Pier 16 (Ver 3)AlliesAllies must blow up cargo hold and engineering room in boat
ROP RiverAlliesAllies must escort tank through multiple levels of defenses at an axis base to steal the documents hidden in an upper floor room and run them back to the command post to win. axis can poison the river with the poison pump.
Sub Base B2
Tank BusterAlliesAllies must break into warehouse and destroy 8 tanks in basement.
TigerBothAllies need to get 3 trucks safely past the tank, while Axis try to escort tank through map to destroy trucks
Town SquareAlliesAllies must break into palace, steal gold, and return it to truck at map start.
Tram FightAlliesAllies must steal the Venom cannon from middle of map, bring to tram, and escort tram from initial spawn to opposite side of map - builing the generator will increase tram speed
TundraAlliesAllies must break into Axis fortress and blow up power grid
V1 RocketAlliesAllies must escort tank, blow up door, and get to V1 (it will go to launcher by itself) - Allies then need to get fuel can to launcher to win
V2 Factory FinalBothAllies must blow up all 3 production systems before missile is constructed OR Axis must build missile and escort train to exit
WarehouseAlliesAllies must break into warehouse and destroy bomb in basement.
WurttembergAlliesAllies must escort tank to factory wall and side entrance - Allies then must take documents to transmitter near tank starting point
XposedAlliesAllies must escort tank to end of map through 3 different Axis spawns

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