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Server Rules

The Chicken Bucket Server Rules

The Chicken Bucket is a pure server running ET Pro 3.2.6, ET admin mod .29 and a mix of stock and custom maps for your enjoyment.

This is a
FUN server so check your attitude and ego at the door before connecting. This is NOT a competition server!

Remember, you are a guest on this server so respect the rules and you in turn will be respected.

1st: No whining and no complaining.

2nd: No offensive or vulgar player names of any kind.

3rd: The use of filthy language in any form will not be tolerated.

4th: SpawnKILLING is NOT allowed. (See CB definition of spawnkilling below)

5th: SpawnCAMPING is NOT allowed. Do not camp spawn exits waiting for the opposing team's invulnerability to wear off just for cheap and easy kills.

6th: Do not insult other players in any way.

7th: Do not use /kill while in combat to avoid being killed.

8th: Please use ENGLISH ONLY in all forms of chat messages.

9th: Do not intentionally bleed or team kill.

10th: MEDICS are to heal TEAMMATES. DO NOT play MEDIC if you plan to self-heal and mostly ignore your teammates or use your packs on yourself just to take advantage of extra health. YOU WILL BE !WARNED, !KICKED, and ultimately !BANNED.

11th: Stacking players to gain an unfair advantage is NOT ALLOWED. For example, to get over a wall (like on Egypt) or plant dynamite (like on Oasis).

12th: If we take a PB screen shot of you, and it comes back blank/black/spoofed, we will assume you are cheating and you will be banned.

Please note that an admin’s decision is final. Admin’s will inform you if you break the rules. Admins reserve the right to kick or ban without warning based on the severity of the offense. Never be abusive to an admin or you may find yourself banned.

If you have a problem with or question about a decision that an admin has made, send a private message to
HaB, Soonteck or MamaFC, Rashan, Rich, TheDrake or Cyber4wolf.
Do not use the open forum to argue or complain about an admin decision.

Failure to comply with the above rules will result in a warning then a mute, kick or ban for subsequent offenses.

General Etiquette:
If someone does something you believe to be wrong or disruptive, tell him or her about it and move on. If they continue to be a nuisance, inform an admin.

Do not purposely obstruct other players. Examples are: Blocking doorways or ladders. Holding onto the objective when you do not know where to take it. Shoving players unnecessarily. Intentionally standing in a teammates line of fire. Stealing a uniform that another covert has already started to take. Disarming a teammate engineer’s dynamite to steal the xp. Defusing landmines to plant your own without discussing it in team chat. Or being a general nuisance to your team.

Do not idle/spec for extended periods of time. This takes up a slot that could be used by someone else. If you are going to be afk (away from keyboard) for a short period of time put yourself in spectator. If you are going to be away for more than a few minutes, disconnect. This server runs xp save and your stats will be restored as long as the campaign hasn’t ended. Admin’s will remove idlers at their discretion.

Team Balance:
Regular server members are expected to help the admins keep the teams balanced by number and skill level. If you notice that one team is being dominated ask an admin if you should switch. The admins keep a close eye on the balance and may switch you to the stronger team to make a slot available for a more experienced player. Please do not take offense. If the admin decides that a shuffle is in order, stay on the team you are assigned to unless told otherwise.

Maps are chosen by the head admins. If you don’t like a map please keep it to yourself or pm an admin. Do not spoil the game for others by complaining or whining in global or team chat. Map requests can be made in the appropriate section on the forum.

Cheating is never permitted.
Anyone caught using a cheat will be permanently banned! Their IP and GUID will be shared with Punkbuster and the ET community! Do not accuse anyone of cheating in global chat. Inform an admin of your suspicion via private message and it will be handled accordingly.

If you do not agree to follow the rules above then do not connect to our server.

*The Chicken Bucket Admins define a spawnkilling as:

A route through the enemy's spawn is often totally valid (e.g. Allies going through Axis spawn on Goldrush) and often a totally necessary objective of the map. Players are allowed to shoot back when making a valid journey through a spawn with the exception of heavy weapons and explosives. This includes: artillery, air strike, panzer, mortar, mobile mg, flamethrower, satchel, landmine, rifle grenade and grenade. Shooting SMG or other light weapon bullets at a spawn exit is allowed. Players who are specifically trying to attack respawning players, rather than trying to dash through and actually hoping that they won’t have to defend themselves from the enemy respawning are considered spawnkillers.
If there is a flag to be captured, objective to be taken/destroyed or a command post to be blown, going after spawning enemies is allowed. Mining a spawn exit is not allowed regardless of how many exits there are, unless it a capturable spawn such as a Command Post or Flag.
It’s all about not going for cheap kills and keeping this a fun place to play.

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